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LEO 81
Leo-Mathauser-G. 81
1230 Vienna, Austria
+43 (0)677 61383900

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Kurzzeitwohnen Leo 81
Leo Mathausergasse 81
A-1230 Wien
Tel. +43 (0)677 61383900
eMail info@kurzzeit-mietenwien.at

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Rent arrangements
Cancelation terms

The apartment may be used exclusively for second residential purposes. It serves the tenant not as a main residence.
The tenant can rent because of one by employment or for the purpose of the rest or leisure activities of caused passing change of location the flatlet.
It is not allowed for the tenant to bring their pets.
A cellar is not to rent.
Its not allowed to do any changes in the apartment.
The tenant is responsible for caused damages to the inventory.
In the whole house the smoking is not permitted, with non-observance the reproduction costs of approx. 800.00€ are settled to the tenant.
With short-term failure of e.g. electrical appliances, TV, gas or stream the renter is to be restored obliged the original state, nevertheless, a prize decrease is excluded.
For possible losses of objects of value or personal objects the renter can not be made responsible.
The tenant has to return the flat, kitchen (stove,Ceran field, fridge) in the same state like by the takeover.
The renter is to be entered entitled the flat any time.
The tenancy can last from 3 days to at most 6 months.
Free cancellation is possible only to 30 days before the rent beginning, then the whole rent is due.
The whole rent must be credited before rent beginning completely on the account of the renter. With longer stay the month rent must be transfered before, otherwise the access is not allowed in the flatlet any more. The costs for the door lock exchange is to be payed by the tenant.
A security of 300.00€ is to be deposited with the key handing over.


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    Franz Grubergasse 17a
    A-2331 Vösendorf
    Tel. +43 (0)677 61383900
    eMail info@kurzzeit-mietenwien.at

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